Report it API - intelligently allocating problems to the correct organisation

The Report it API allows web sites, CRM systems, social media, mobile apps and other customer facing applications to submit environmental or anti-social behaviour problems through a common api without having to worry which organisation it should be assigned to.
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Now available across the UK
Developed as a pan-London project and supported by a wide variety of public sector agencies across London, the Report it API is now available across the UK. Together with embeddable forms, a mobile web application and integration tools for CRM or back office systems, the ReportIt API provides a comprehensive solution for problem reporting by public sector organisations.
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why an api?
UK citizens are often confused which council or public sector authority is responsible for dealing with environmental and anti-social behaviour issues. Rules governing allocation can be complex and may include problem location, problem type or even time of day. The ReportIt API provides a common API and allocation infrastructure, allowing API users such as council web sites, CRM systems, social media, community portals or mobile phone apps to submit problems without worrying who to allocate it to.
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